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Posted by Lyla
Posted on Wed Nov 4 21:45:49 1998
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"Those Winter Sundays"
Sundays too my father got up early.What does it mean "Sun-
days too"?Why did the writer write these words"Sundays too
"?After I read all the sentences of this poem,I think this
sentence is not a complete sentence.Maybe there should add
some words to make it a complete sentence,such as"My father
works hard and have to get up very early,even Sundays too."
Sunday to us,general students,means a holiday and a rest time.Alsoto the narrator,it is a relex day.So he can get up very late or stay on the bed and doing nothing.Especially
the day is very very cold.Many of us must be more lazier in
cold days.But we can see , even on cold Sunday,the narrator's father does not make himself relex.He still gets up very early to prepare for a new day's coming.I think his father must work very hard and must be very deligent.Because
the narrator's description about his father:"with cracked hands the ached."During these winter days ,his father gets
up early to make the house warm.What a good father he is!!
The narrator should feel pleasure to have such a good father.But it seems that his family never thanks him.They
take the father's love for granted!!Well,when I read these
sentences,I think I should feel ashame.Because sometimes I
also take my parents' love for granted and do not thank them.How could I think of that!I am an unfilial daughter ,and the narrator is an unfilial son,either.The father really makes the narrator a comfortable home to live.And he never grumbles to his family.He just does every thing quietly,and never wants his family to repay it.I think the narrator may be can feel his father's love,but he just does not tell his father and shows his affection in the poem.
There is a strange thing.I did not read the descriptions about the narrator's mother.I guess maybe he does not have a mother,and he only live with his father.So his father must be very toilsome.After reading the poem,I think the narrator and we should remember with gratitude and show devotion to thank parents.:-)
"I As my Mom to Sing"
After reading this poem,we can understand that the narrator's grandmother ,mother and himself do not live in
China now.Especially the narrator,he even never been to China.So it means he lives in other country.When we read Lee's family background,we know Lee's parents left China
because of the political turmoil there and then they began
a life on the run that eventually ended with the family living in the United States.I think this poem is something
which he show his feeling by writing it.Maybe his grandmother and mother sing some songs , some Chinese songs,or songs of his native place.If you ask me why the narrator wants to ask his mother to sing,I think it is because he never knows the feeling when listening to the songs from his native place,so he wants to understand
the feeling,and also he wants to know more about China,his native place,in those songs.Therefore we can read that the narrator talks about Peking,the Summer Palace,the great Stone Boat,and the Kuen Ming Lake.Although he never beee to
China,he still can know some information from the songs,and can imagine it.We know that some families have rituals,songs
and stories they perform together to help them know and remember their past experiences,including experiences that
happened even before some of the family numbers were born.
Why do his grandmother and mother cry?Maybe they remember
something about their past days when they were in China.So
they have sense of loss and dislocation.But why don't they
stop singing?I think this is because the homesick and the affection for their native place,China!!!
Lyla :-D

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