Subject Yah! The last poem journal!!!!
Posted by Kim
Posted on Tue Dec 15 11:46:36 1998
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The Convergence of the Twain
Thank God! This is the last poem journal!
The form of this poem is tercet. There are three lines in each stanza. Since the poem is about the ship ¡§Titanic¡¨, the length of the three lines in each stanza make the stanzas look like ships and I think this is very cute!
The speaker seems not fond of the inner meaning of Titanic. He thinks that Titanic only represents vanity. In the first stanza, it says¡¨ And the Pride of life that planned her, stilly couches she.¡¨ Titanic was a luxury ship. The speaker does not think that it was necessary to make such a thing. It is very ironic. Even though Titanic was called the best ship, made of the best material and made by people who were conceited, it still sank. From this line, we can tell that the speaker is critical of this pride, the exorbitant splendor of the ship and its passengers.
In the second stanza, it describes the movement of Titanic, which was made of steel, sailing elegantly on icy water and making the currents into ¡§rhythmic tidal lyres¡¨. In the third stanza, it talks about the sea worms crawling on the mirror meant to glass the opulent. The speaker seems to be suggesting that the opulent are like those worms- grotesque, slimed, dumb and different. This stanza strongly shows to me that how much does the speaker hate those proud and conceited passengers on Titanic. They used a great amount of money to built this luxury ship, and they thought themselves to be the graceful people, but the ship sank, and they are no better than those sea worms now.
The next stanza is about the jewels that those opulent people wore are now no longer shining, and even more becomes lightless. Jewels may be something very valuable to human, but deep under the sea, they can not get any light and so they can give forth no splendor. Also, to the creatures under the sea, the jewels are useless. The jewels have no difference from rocks. In the fifth stanza, it tells from the point of view from the fish. Those fishes don¡¦t like the glided gear because it is like trash.
In the sixth and seventh stanza, The Immanent Will is like some power, like God, having the ability to control everything. This Will has already made the destiny of Titanic- to sink and couch forever in the sea. It¡¦s saying that Titanic is destined to crash into the iceberg. This whole thing is not an accident! This is a sort of punishment because of human being¡¦s vanity. Also, this poem is like describing something usual, nothing surprising. The poem is written in a smooth way to tell us that the sinking of Titanic is not an accident at all. This is the fate of Titanic.
From the eighth stanza, the poem turns to talk about the relationship between Titanic and the Iceberg. They grew at the same time though they were dissociated. No one could foretell that such a well-built ship would crash into the Iceberg. In the last two stanzas, the speaker described the whole incident as something natural, something should happen. The ship and the Iceberg were meant to be together. But I have a question here is that why the speaker talks about marriage now? Is there any reason for him to use the metaphor?
This poem uses lots of alliteration. And the rhyme scheme is aaa bbb ccc ddd¡K. Also, I think the rhyme is slant rhyme. The last consonants in each line in each stanza are identical, so I think it is slant rhyme.

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