Subject The World Is Too Much For Me
Posted by Megan
Posted on Tue Dec 15 12:09:59 1998
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The World Is Too Much With Me
1. Form: Italian sonnet (Petrarchan sonnet)
(1) 14 line (2) 5 iambs per line (3) rhyme scheme (abbaabba,cdcdcd)
(4) first 8(problem) + final 6(solution or change of thought)
2. Sound:(1)nasal sounds([m], [n]):soon, boon, moon, tune, outworn, forlorn, and
horn which create a sense of melancholy (2) open and long vowels([au]):
powers, ours, hours, and flowers which create a sense of ease or fluidity
(3) explosive sounds ([t], [d], [g], [k], [p],[b]):too, getting, bares, bosom,
great, Pagan, creed, pleasant, glimpses
3. Rhyme:(1)exact rhyme: soon, boon, moon, and tune; powers, ours, hours, and
flowers; be, lea, and sea; outworn, forlorn, and horn
4. The material world is too much for me: As Wordsworth has mention, we have given our hearts away to exchange "a sordid boon", modern technology, in this materialism world. We lie wasting our powers on getting easily and spending fast, no worries about losing (a horrible disaster). We don't cherish Nature but look for fame and wealth out of vanity which preoccupied our sensuous long ago. Nature's beauty is sleeping now, waiting for somebody to wake her up again! When we see Nature's crying, we are out of tune; however Nature's wound is bleeding and she is howling, maybe almost dying just like falling to sleep forever. Can we ignore this, pretending not seeing and let it be like that? No! No! We must stand up against the foolish crowd for Nature's sake and also for ours sake. Don't let Nature sacrifice to meet our endless desires, since the world has already been too much with us!

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