Subject The World is too much with us
Posted by Lisa
Posted on Tue Dec 15 12:35:46 1998
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This is my fourth journal on poems, and frankly speaking, i still consider poems hard to follow and
understand. Is it because that i'm not a nature poet born to read poems, or it's because i can't
catch the emotions the poet was trying to express, suddenly, i feel helpless and fopeless, with the test
coming up this Thursday, i and now trapped in this deep deep black hole, with nothing to reach for.

OK...done wiht complaning, lifr does go on, and i still have this journal waithing for me to finish, so ,
i'll cut the worthless complaining now and begin my fourth journal, i think this poem"THe World is too Much
with us" is a poem talking about the relationship between we human beings and the wild nature surrounds
us. We live in this world filled with beautiful trees, forwers, oceans, and animals. These are the tings we
see almost everyday, even on the first day we begin to look at this world with our little eyes, we are used to
having all these beautiful natures beside us, being as a part of our life in our society and community.
Soon, se get so used to it we begin to forget the duties or the beauty in the nature. We started to take it
as something that would stay side by side wiht us as long as we live and forget to appreciate it's
appearance and the values of there wild nature. Almost everyday, we human beings do many many cruel
things to destroy the nature that's suppose to be our loyal friend. Air pollution, water pollution, all these
things that make our nature covered with dirt and dusk were all done by us.

Sooner or later, our nature will be totally destroyed by uw. The poet see through this point, and i think
that's why he decided to write this poem to express his feelings. Hi thinks that the gap between us and
nature has grow bigger and bogger. But this is not something we would like to seeee, for he is still a
true believer that believes nature is still our friend.

After reading this poem, i befin to ask myself what kind of attitude i truely have for the nature. Am i like
the crowd of sheep that care nothing about it, or am i like the poet? I think the answer is the latter. I don't
know wheter i interperate this poem i the right way, but what i get out of it is enormous.

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