Subject A Noiseless Patient Spider
Posted by Allison
Posted on Tue Dec 15 12:48:20 1998
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Poem Journal---A Noiseless Patient Spider
Allison 58 Nov. 13 1998

In fact, I really love this poem, because it is so special, and it sounds very good. Unfortunately, I can't figure out lots of questions about this poem. Therefore, I really feel sad and frustrated. I guess that I have being beaten by the poem.
I think that the first stanza suggest that the spider is very lonely, and being isolated. At first, it is a "noiseless" patient spider. It creates hollow feelings about the spider. The spider is keeping launch the filament, and ever unreeling them, I guess it presents that the spider has a desire to create its own world. In my opinion, I think the filament can stand for the hopes and the ideas of the speaker.
In the second stanza, the speaker suggests that his soul be like the spider. All he does in the second stanza is just like the spider launch forth filament. To compare these two stanzas, I think both of them share a same point, wants to connect with the nature. The difference lies in how they do it. In the first stanza, the spider only can launch forth filament, but in the second stanza, the soul can do various kinds of activities to achieve its goal. For example, it can muse, venturing, throwing, and seeking.
The speaker uses both apostrophe and the personification in the second stanza. He viewed the " soul" as a person, and he call "O my soul" to apostrophe. I think to repeat the apostrophizing may stress the free will of people. Also, in the first stanza, the speaker uses some alliteration such as "mark", "filament", "them" and "ever". I guess the speaker wants to stress the action of the spider. It just keeps launching forth filament, and all the alliteration sounds like a circle, that can support the same action. In the second stanza, because people can do lots of different activities than the spider; so, there is less repetition in it. From stanza one to two, the line become longer and longer. I guess the speaker wants to provide a picture about the distant between the nature and the people, the nature and the spider. Both of them are closer to the nature line by line.

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