Subject A Noiseless Patient Spider
Posted by Dan
Posted on Tue Dec 15 12:58:48 1998
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A Noiseless Patient Spider
This is a nice and mysterious poem because the author used the little :spider; to represent something meaningful. He observed the spider carefully in the first stanza and he even noticed how it moved, explored the vacant vast surrounding, launch・d forth filament out of itself and unreeling them. The author・s description of this animal is so good that it made me seem to see the spider in person.
The second stanza put much more emphasis on what・s on the author・s mind and his imagination about that spider. The author felt that the spider fling thread to catch his soul and I think it may control his thoughts and willing. In fact , I think that the author may regard this spider as an attractive or a fantastic thing that can draw entirely his attention.
However, when I saw the word :noiseless; to describe this spider, it may not be obvious to see but catch the author・s soul inch by inch. Of course it・s patient because it didn・t want to surprise him. When the author was aware of it, it・s too late for him to let it go away and it even sticked to his body and soul.
And this poem is open form, there are no steady lines and even ryhme. However, he expressed his true feeling without considering too much and I am especially appreciative of this poem. I hope that I can learn more in the class discussion.

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