Subject A Noiseless Patient Spider
Posted by Elisa
Posted on Tue Dec 15 18:53:28 1998
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In fact, I hate spiders very much. They always stand at the upper corner of the house and make the spider webs.If you are careless, you may touch their gossamers and it's really uncomfortable. But I will try to like them a little more so that I may understand this poem more.
This is an open form poem. The poem are separated into two parts. The first stanza is about the spider and the second stanza is about the soul of the speaker. Though, we get alliteration as well as repetition of the such as "mark", "filament", 'ever' and 'them' in the first stanza. The speaker repeats these words again to create an image that the repeating words are like the filament continuely out of the spider. The speaker uses 'ever', 'measureless', 'ceaselessllly', 'tirelessly' and 'verse-ing';it means that either the spider or the speaker keep doing his work hardly and they do not stop. It also like the filament.
Though the speaker finds that the surrounding is vacant and vast like oceans of space, his soul is musing, venturing, throwing and seeking the spheres to connect them. He is active and also the spider which explores the surrounding. The spider works alone. I think maybe in the real world, the speaker is lonely,too. One of my suggestion is that he often has different thoughts from others. He has his own idea and purpose. People don't understand him much. The other is that he wants to achieve his goal by himself without dependence. If we pay attention to the length of this poem, we will find that each stnza has five lines and the lines get longer and longer just like the filament out of the spider,again.
And if we read it again and again, we will also find that the sound 's' repeated some times.
Usually we're like the spiders. We make our life, achieve our goals and try to do better and better.We'll not stop till we succeed. In the second stanza there are not as many repetitions. Becides, the third line of the second stanza is the longest so I think that the spider is going to finish the web and the speaker is apporching success.

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