Subject The World Is Too Much with Us
Posted by Sheena Kao
Posted on Tue Dec 15 19:00:17 1998
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This poem talks about the relationship of human, nature and modern life.William Wordsworth grew up in the Lake District of England, he got close to nature since he was a child. I think he wrote this poem because he felt that people today are covered with material things and neglect the nature."we have given our hearts away" because we are preoccupied with money, material things....those unnatural matters.God gives human a pure heart, but they are polluted by other things and then hearts change to "sordid boon." The speaker said he wanted to be a pagan. In my opinion, he
may asked us to recall the life we used to lead. People lived in ancient time were appreciate nature and always connected with nature.
" The World Is Too Much with Us " is a type of poem called Petrarchan sonnet, this kind of form divide poem into two parts, 8 and 6. First part called octave, it express the problem or unresolved situation and the thyme can be " abbaabba." Second part called sestet, it usually come up with an answer to the question that first part mentioned. The rhyme of sestet can be " cdcdcd." For example, the first eight lines mentioned the problem " Little we see in Nature that is ours " and " we lay waste our powers." People now are covered with material things so that they can't realize the beauty of nature. They prefer to lay and do nothing than go outside to make contact with nature. And then the last six lines got the answer " a pagan " the speaker wanted us returne to natural life.

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