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Posted by Elena
Posted on Sun Mar 7 17:50:54 1999
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Introduction of literature

Porphyria・s Lover
Actually, I was a little frightened after we discussed :My Last Duchess; on Thursday. Before Thursday, I had had no idea about this poem. But now, I got it.
:Porphyria・s Lover is also a frightening poem. For most people, love someone means you really care about him, respect him, protect him, and you may consider that he or she is more important than your own life. So, in my opinion, after I read :Porphyria・s Lover,; I consider that the speaker shouldn・t say that he is :Porphyria・s lover.
The poem starts with a calm and steady tone. It describes the rain, the wind, the elm and the lake first, and leads us to the person then. We can feel the unordinary atmosphere by seeing such words :sullen, vex and cheerless.; I start to feel weird since I see :To weak, for all her heart・s endeavor.; It seems that Porphyria murmurs how she loves her lover under a big pressure. :To set its struggling passion free. Is she trying to protect herself from death or something? I・m nor sure. And I just wonder that does : And give herself to me forever; mean that she dies at that time?
The killer is sort of crazy. He considers that only when Porphyria is death is she totally belongs to him. He uses the yellow string which Porphyria used to wind her hair to wind her throat and strangles her. And he says she felt no pain. It causes me to think that the killer seems not to realize that what he does. He doesn・t think that killing Porphyria is wrong. After he killed her, he warily opened her lids and looked at the :laughed blue eyes.; I don・t know why he wants to kill Porphyria. What・s the reason? Or it is because he is just insane and has no reason? I・m interested in the last line :And yet God has not said aword.; Does he try to say that to let us think that God has not to said a word to support his behavior?
I・d say that he is a devil. He does what he wants to do and then finds some reasons to cover his evil. I think that the title of the poem in ironic. Just like what I write in the very beginning of my journal, we may think that this is a romantic poem since we see the title. But after we finish it, we・ll find that it is totally different. What is love and what kind of man is lover? Browning gives us a totally different feeling.

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