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Posted by Joyce
Posted on Mon Mar 8 22:21:46 1999
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While this poem begins, it seems like that we are located in a thrill movie. The rain falls. The cold wind blows. It tears the elm-tops down for spite and tries its best to vex the lake. When I read these forward sentences, I saw a very dark and suspended scene. Obviously, they are foreshadows of this poem. Then, Porphyria appears. The speaker described her feature as a goddess because she put away the cold and the storm. Besides, she also kneeled and made the fire blazed up. From my point of view, she brings us feelings about warm, tenderness and bright side of world. She must be a charming lady according to these descriptions.
As to the relationships between the speaker and Porphyria, there are some clues from her actions. She ¡§kneeled¡¨, ¡§stooped¡¨ and ¡§murmured¡¨. Those actions show her attitudes toward the speaker and reveal her tameness and kindness. I don¡¦t know why but I feel that she is the active side in their relationships. She showed her beauty before him and sat down by his side. Compared with the speaker, he has no replies to her speech. To sum up, their standard is not equal.
We have to mention about the tone of the speaker because it is a very interesting thing. Well, I think that he is really calm, terrible calm and steady. When you read a story or see a movie, the most horrible murderer is that kind of person who is calm, cold and quite normal. Actually, in the beginning of the poem, I couldn¡¦t find the point because the speaker is too calm. He never yielded to us some sentences, like ¡§I killed her.¡¨ etc. From the head to toe, it seems like that the speaker is doing something normal and usual for him. We wouldn¡¦t realize what did he do immediately. As to me, I found something ¡§wrong¡¨ when I saw that he wound one long yellow string three times around Porphyria¡¦s throat¡Kand strangled her¡Kthe speaker said that Porphyria felt no pain, he was quite sure about it. At this moment, I was sure that he was insane. He really killed her.
Why did he is so calm? We have to think about his point of view about his killing. Sure, he didn¡¦t view it as a crime. He loved her and he wanted to keep this moment with her forever. When he felt the huge joy from the love of Porphyria, he was panic because he didn¡¦t know how to keep this happiness. He wanted that she belongs to him completely so he debated what to do and we saw what he did. He saw that she was so pure, good and gives herself to him forever. I think that the final part of this poem is quite unique. The speaker treated her body in tenderness and kissed her. He held her head up on his shoulder, just like what she did for him in the past. Then, they sat together all night long without moving. God has not said any Word, what an ironic description for this whole scene and matter!

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