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Posted by Johanna
Posted on Tue Mar 9 00:42:47 1999
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The reason I choose this poem to write my first journal of this semester is because the title of it is the most clear to understand. Unlike the other hour poems: My Last Duchess, Porphyria・s Lover, Ulysses, and The Farmer・s Bride. If I only see the title of these poems, it・s really hard for me to think or imagine what they are talking about.
There are two main characters in this poem. One is the dead person and the other is the man. The speak of this poem is the person who is dead and he maybe a child because of a sentence: : Poor child, poor child.; But maybe the man who says this is because he treats the speaker like a child, not because he is really a child. And I think : child; may imply that he is sorry the speaker died at such a young age. The writer of this poem imagine the dead person is still thinking after his dead, and he knows about everything around him, no matter who cries, where he lies, or the people do around him, etc. The person that the dead man mentioned must have strong relationship with him. Maybe he is father. They may have bad relationship when the speaker is alive. Because the speaker says, : he did not love me living.; And I think although this person is crying, it is not out of true emotion. Because I feel he is a little afraid of the speaker and maybe he is quite happy the speaker is dead. He didn・t touch the speaker of raised the fold or do other intimite action at funeral. The last sentence: :very sweet it is to know he is still warm thro・ I am cold.; Although this is said by the speaker, I don・t think it・s really what it mean. I think it is an ironic sentence, because judging from the sentence before, the person seems really doesn・t like the dead person and they may have bad relationship, I don・t think the speaker would feel happy to know he is still warm and describe it as sweet thing.
Now I would like to compare this poem with the one that we have learned last semester- I heard a Fly buzz-when I died. Both of these poems are about death. And the speaker is also the dead person. But what they talking about is different. This poem concentrate on the feeling toward that man who cried for him. The other is more religious and it talks more about the feeling of the dead person himself.

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