Subject LOVE = MURDER ??????
Posted by Ricky
Posted on Tue Mar 9 13:41:51 1999
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After reading these poems, I think that there is not me only, but other ones have the same thoughts as mine----"why the love
can be tanslated in murder??!!" Don't they consider that to kill somebody you love is a terrible thing? I don't think so. Although
the person you kill is a stranger you do not know, even a rival you hate him out, you still will feel a little tiny bit guilty
after that. So as we read those wired poems, always, we will consider that they are freaks, aren't they?
And when it comes to this kind of murder, it makes me recall something similar. In the earlier age of Japan, comes up a lot of
death events. But actually those people were some persons who were the top of the condition or succeed greatly in their territory.
And the most strange was, they were not killed by others, they all committed suicide!!! Whoever, as they heard about that, must be
confused enormously. Why??? Because they thought that it was easy to succeed, but hard to maintain the outline; especially they
Japanese had the dignity of pride seriously, they often could not accept the loss after they had been succeed before or the declining
of their climax. So how did they do? The only way was to kill themselves as they got the top of thier own territory, thus, their degree
would be reserved at the perfect, the most great time. So, at that time, it turned to be a sort of acustom, many many successful people
were popularized to commit suicied to maintain their perfect image. And, in my opinion, this is the same spirit as what we read in those poems.
Those men loved their weman, they were afraid of losing them, so they killed them; simiarly, those successful poeple loved when they were
succeeded, they also were scared of losing their high status, so they decide to kill themselves to hold it.
It is a crazy affection, the kind of affection with mad possession. If I should say something about this, it is too crazy for us to understand it.
This kind of love cannot be defined in tender love, you should be aware of what they yearn in advance!

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