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Posted on Wed Nov 4 23:56:57 1998
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We Real Cool
After reading or singing this poem, I feel a passive and degenerate sense from these young people. At first, they played pool at the Golden Shovel and they may really think that it is really cool for them to left school. It's a real sarcasm for us because we are always taught to be good students and not absent in class. However, they are proud of leaving school and they may think that it is just the right thing to do what they want to do.
The two sentences "We lurk late." "We strike straight." Are really hard for me to realize. Does it mean that the way they played pool? They hesitated before they used the poles to hit the ball.
The other two sentences " We sing sin. " "We thin gin." May mean that they have lived in a degenerate life and they want to do things to admire what ordinary people think that it's bad. They may think what they do is correct and others are wrong.
The final two sentences "We jazz June." "We die soon." make me feel how hopeless. They are to the world. They didn't have a constructive way to live but all they can do is wait to death.
The whole poem goes quickly to express the shortness of life but it makes ma confused that it arranges many "We" in the end of the sentences. Maybe it is a kind or contrast to put the first words of the sentences in the end of the sentences. The arrangement may mean that they neglect what they really want.
I Ask My Mother to Sing
After reading this poem, we can feel how awful the author miss his native country. Although he says that his mother and grandmother begun to sing, I think that they may not really sing but just think of and miss their memory of their previous life in China.
He says he have never been in those places but he loves to hear it sung. It may imply that even the author didn't go back to his native country but his blood in body made him have the intention to trace back where he came from.
The final two sentences "Both women have begun to cry." "But neither stops her song." Indicate that their deep affection to their native country. They cry because they are now in the other country and they may have no way to get back to their country. And neither stops her song because they don't want to forget who are they and where they came from.
The poem also indicates that the death of his father. And he says "If my father were alive, he would play his accordion and sway like a boat." That's because his father is the representation of their country. So his father would join them if he were alive.

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