Subject I Ask My Mother to Sing
Posted by Mindy
Posted on Thu Nov 5 12:42:12 1998
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I Ask My Mother to Sing
In the first stanza, when the author・s family are together, they will have a good time. His mom and grandmother sing together, and if his father were alive, his father would play a kind of musical instrument. The author loves to hear the songs. Although I can・t guess which song they sing, I think it doesn・t matter; because the most important thing is that when they sing, they can retrospect the past time. It is kind of feelings that they think they are still connected with their mother land. In the second stanza, the author writes something about China. Although he has never been to China, he can still have a picture of Chinese scenes in mind.
In the third stanza, the author writes the scenes of waterlilies. I think it represents that they are as resilient as waterlilies. They can face difficulties and won・t be struck down. They left Indonesia because Indonesians excluded overseas Chinese. They have to leaf Indonesia or they may be attacked by the original residents. Although they are safer in the United States, they can・t identify themselves with part of the United states. They still think they belong to China.
In the last stanza, the author writes that both women have to cry, but neither stops her song. I think it wants to tell us that although they can・t go back to their country and they feel very sad that there are still some overseas Chinese attacked by the original residents in Indonesia. However, the songs can help them remember the past, and make them feel that they still have close relation with China.
In my opinion, in the whole poetry, it arises the author・s personal identity. He can・t go back to Indonesia because overseas Chinese are not accepted there. Although he is in the United States, he doesn・t have a sense of identification with there. Anyway, the songs represent his relation with China, and he loves them. He doesn・t want to lose such connection.
We Real Cool
When I read this poem, I have a picture in mind that a group of teenagers say loudly to show that they are special. They cut class, and thin gin because they are under eighteen, they thin gin to make others think they just drink water. What they do makes them think they do something special and exciting. ;We lurk late. We strike straight.; I think it means that they don・t want others to understand what・s in their mind. They do everything they like. What they do just shows teenagers・ rebellion.
The last word of each line is we, and I feel it can put emphasis on the intonation. Besides, if we stress every word while reading, it sounds more powerful. I think it represents that the teenagers show that they are still young and they can do many things. Anyway, I like this poem, because it is cute and witty and expresses teenagers・ thinking exactly.

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