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Posted by Christine
Posted on Wed Nov 4 11:03:12 1998
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I Ask My Mother to Sing
I think the whole family has a deep emotion of the song that the mother and grandmother sing. It must recall a lot of memories the family had in the past.
Firstly, they recalled the father had past away. The poem ways that when the song is sung, the father would play his accordion and dance with the song. It just like the father live again by the song they sing. That shows the poetryˇ¦s miss to his father.
Secondly, because the poetryˇ¦s parents are Chinese, however he has never been to Chinese. So that he would have an imagination toward his own country. Maybe the song sung by his mother was related to Chinese, and through the song he can know more about his country. And we can guess that his impression of Chinese is beautiful, because Kuen- Ming Lake is a beautiful place.
More, I guess the song is about waterlilies, but I donˇ¦t know way the song would make them cry. Maybe, (I canˇ¦t take it for sure) they were far away from their own country, because of the political situation.
However, they continue singing that song, because they were so strong that they can survive under that bad situation. And because they had wonderful memories to support them.
I get a final conclusion, that is: the family was united.

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