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Posted on Thu Nov 5 13:16:51 1998
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¡§ Those Winter Sundays¡¨

This poem also could evoke my feeling for it talked about the silent love of the father to the son. Just like my father, the speaker¡¦s father got up early even in Sunday. Though it is very cold of the weather, he still lighted up the stove for the son. This stanza I thought is the respond and greatly thankful of the speaker to his father in the way of silence (by poem) also that he had learned from his father unconsciously. I found that all the sentences of the poem were in past tense. The poem might be written at the time that the son was a man and it was a remind of his father. The speaker, in my own opinion, felt sorry to this father when I had read the sentence ¡§No one ever thanked him.¡¨ It was so touching for me as a foreigner in that place (T.W.) and my parents are now in Macao. I felt sorry to my parents that I had not treated them very well in the past when I was in Macao after coming to T.W.. But it was more pity that the father of the speaker might had died out at the time of the speaker wrote this poem. There is a saying in Chinese ¡§The tree wants to stop but the wind don¡¦t let it, the son wants to take care of (their parents) but their parents were gone.¡¨
  Actually the second stanza of the poem was the description of my pass life of every Sunday morning that my father always forced me to get up early to go to the Mass. Feeling fear of his anger but a little angry in the heart. The ¡§chronic angers of that house¡¨ I thought was the blame of the father to the son who was lazy to get up. Might be with some anger in the boy¡¦s heart, he spoke indifferently to his father. But the speaker was so regret that he found his father¡¦s silent love through the ¡§driven out the cold¡¨ and the ¡§polished my good shoes¡¨. He regret that he treated him in such that way. The repeating of ¡§What did I know¡¨ was also an emphasis on the feeling of regret and seemed to blame on himself ¡§Why you couldn¡¦t find it in the pass and just made doubt on the ¡§love¡¦s austere¡¨ and the ¡§lonely offices?!¡¨.
  It is not so easy for us to express our own feeling in the deepest of our mind. And we just feel that it is very embarrass to do so, especially in Chinese society. But the expert of the study of ¡§Emotion Quotient¡¨ says that one will have a high EQ if one can always express their own feeling out properly. And now are you ready to express yourself?

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