Subject Journal---Those Winter Sundays
Posted by Kim
Posted on Thu Nov 5 13:18:44 1998
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I think this poem is written by a man recalling shi father. This man must feel a bit sorry that he did not
realize his father's love and maybe now he can reward his love to his father's love no more. He is now
regreiting for not showing his gratutide to his father.
This poem tells us that his father was a person who loved his boy very much and did his best to take
care of his son. We can tell this from his waking up early even on Sundays to warm the house before his
son got up and his buying his son good shoes and polishing the shoes for him. However, the boy took this
"great love" for granted. Not only showing no gratitude to his father but also speaking indifferently to his
father! If I were his father, I must had felt hurt. But not his father. His father did not mind at all. He still woke
up early in the morning to warm the house for his be loved son despite of his aching hands. His cracked
hands that ached from labor in the weekday weather shows that the father worked hard to support his
family and gave them the best he could.
I guess that the author must had seen many children regreted greatly of not realizing their paretns' love
and having no more chance to turn the love back after their parents are gone. So he wrote this poem to
warn people to cherish their limited time with their parents and treat their parents well.
In the last stanza, he writes"What did I know, what did I know ,Of loves' austere and lonely offices?"
I think when the author was a boy, he must have felt that great love should be something material,
something can be easily seen, and something he can show off to his friends. So at that time, he did not
think his father gave him enough love. However, as time gone by, he came to realize that love can not be
measured by money or other thing.
He has learnd from his father that sometimes love can not be said out in words. Love is a feeling, a
sound that must be felt and listend by "heart". Love can not be compared. Everyone has his own way of
showing his love to his be loved ones. Parents' love is the most valuable thing in the world, no matter it
is shown by a easy way or a more humble way! It's the true love that counts but not those shallow things.
No other thing can replace love's position.
I think when the author writes this poem, he himself is a father, too. Because now he is a fahter, he can
completely understand how great can a father love his children. He can do anything to give the best to
his children. From his father, he now must think that he should show his love to his son in a way that his
son can easily tell so that this boy will not feel not being loved. He will create his own way to show his love
to his family. Also he wants all the readers to cherish their time with their parents and encourage all the
readers to show their love to others . There will be less repentance among those who love each other!

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