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Posted on Mon Nov 9 19:28:07 1998
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I Ask My Mother to Sing
At the first paragraph, it said that the speaker・s mother and his grandmother sang together. The ambiance was peaceful. At the time, he thought of his father who passed away. Maybe he felt something sad. He couldn・t hear the music from accordion and couldn・t see the person who sway like a boat.
The second paragraph said that the author liked to hear the songs. He described the accents that songs sounded like. I don・t understand one sentence. Why does it say that I love to hear :it; sung?
The last paragraph said that two women had begun to cry. Maybe it is because the songs made them miss the speaker・s father. Sometimes if you sing a song which the person you love like to sing but maybe he leave you, you will have deep feeling.
The whole poem said that because of the speaker・s mother and grandmother singing, he missed his father. When you want to care about somebody, sometime the person has gone. What we got is only pity.
The Negro Speaks of Rivers
The river is the point in the poem. People live because of rivers. Without rivers people can・t be alive, so he said that he has know rivers ancient as the world and older than the human beings.
Rivers create cultures. Nile inundates regularly, and people can have good harvest. Because of peaceful life, they build a nation. Because of strong nation, pyramids could be built. The poem is said that Lincoln went down to New Orleans, and the speaker has seen its muddy bosom turn all golden in the sunset. The speaker is the Negro, and Lincoln claimed that all people are created equal. No matter you are white or black people, everyone is equal. The city where Lincoln went down is at the south of America. Most of the people there are black, so they feel that muddy bosom turn all golden in the sunset.
Those Winter Sundays
The speaker・s father is very industrious. Even on Sunday he still wakes up early. His hands are cracked from labor in the weekday weather made. But there is no one thanks him. Sometimes we think that what others do is no doubt, and we forget that what they do maybe are for us. We forget to appreciate them.
When his father makes the room warm, he will call everybody. If the room is warm, everyone won・t feel cold, but the speaker feel little angry. He wants to sleep more, but he can・t. He speaks indifferently to his father who does many things for him. We won・t feel lucky until we lose something that had already been there. The final sentence is said that the speaker feel regretful that he doesn・t know what his father did was love. Sometimes we may have a quarrel with our father, and feel angry. We think that he is unreasonable and he doesn・t understand us, but we forget that all he did is out of love. I feel that I am so lucky because my father is wonderful. When I feel sad at school, his words will make me feel that I am not lonely and he will support me all the time. I think I am the luckiest person although sometimes life is not as good as I hope.

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