Subject I'm Nobody! Who Are You?
Posted by Elena
Posted on Sun Nov 15 18:41:35 1998
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I¡¦m nobody! Who are you?
I think it¡¦s a poem which is not easy to understand. I¡¦ve read it so many times and have some impressions about it. In first line, the speaker narrates : I¡¦m nobody! Who are you? In fact, everyone is ¡§somebody¡¨ in the world, but the speaker says she is ¡§nobody¡¨. I guess it suggests that most people like to hide themselves behind the crowd. No one likes to stand out to strive for his rights or something. Most people think that it is safer to stay in the back of the crowd. No one likes to take the responsibility. In second line: Are you nobody, too? The speaker seems to welcome the readers to join her. She wants us readers to stand her side and then we can use the same point of view to see the world. In line four the speaker says :they¡¦d banish us. I think that it means maybe the parents or teachers always tell us some truths, for example, we must be responsible for those things which we did, so the speaker says ¡§Don¡¦t tell¡¨.
In the second paragraph the speaker tried to convince us it is better to be ¡§Nobody¡¨ than ¡§Somebody¡¨. How dreary to be somebody! Once you become a public person or something, there will be lots of people noticing you and then you must be careful to your behavior. I don¡¦t understand the meaning of the second sentences ¡¨How public¡Xlike a Frog¡¨ Why she used this word ¡§ Frog¡¨? Are Frenches like to show themselves? Don¡¦t they care about others¡¦ eyeslights?
The last two sentences are the most difficult part to guess its meaning. I guess that the speaker would like to tell us something in the livelong June. She considers that it¡¦s not important to prove who you are. Actually, everyone belongs to his own group, and what we do is all for our group. We try our best to do something whuch can honor our group, and ¡§Bog¡¨ means the group.
All the above are my opinions.

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