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Posted on Mon Nov 16 12:07:19 1998
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This is Cherry・s poem journal.The following is my point of view.
1.;Metaphor; means .a way of describing something by comparing it to something else that has similar qualities,without using the words like or as・ So the poetry・s title is .Metaphor・, the poet wants to describe something in the hidden way.
2.;I am a riddle in nine syllables.;・Riddle・ means・a puzzlinng question requiring thought to answer.・Besides,it also means .something perplexing or mysterious action,event that you do not understand and cannot explain.・From this explanation,we can know the speaker want the readers to guess what she means to and we can know she is in an uneasy situation.Because she feels uncertain to the future.Maybe she is afraid of something which she doesn・t understand exactly.
3.Not only :nine syllables; but also the nine line of the poem give us a clue to find the answer to the riddle.When a woman is gooing to have a baby,she have to be peragnant for nine months.This is the first sign which the speaker giives us.In addition to the hint・nine・,we can see that she describes herself as an elephant,a ponderous house.Those things are so huge that they can・t move easily.The words .elephant・ .ponderous house・also give us a serious feeling about her situation.Maybe she can・tdo anything she wants to do,because of her heavy body ,the baby is in it.She feels she is not as free as a light bird.;This loaf・s big with its yeasty rising.;sounds like her bellly just like the rising bread which is getting bigger and bigger.However,the bigger it is,the more she feels uncomfortable.
4.The images of the pergnant woman in this poem totally different from the stereotyppical one I see on the milk and diaper commercials.Usuallt,in normal commercials,the pregnant woman feel happy and being full of hope about their baby.However,the speaker doesn・t think so.On the contrary,she looks like;a means,a stage, a cow in calf.;Especially・a cow in calf・, it sounds like she feels very painful because she loses her freedom.She can・t do things she wants to do,she have to be more careful in order not to hurt her baby.For the speaker,this is a pressure not a pleasure.
5.;I have eaten a bag of green apples;it reveals the woman feel boring and tired of her present life.As we know,green apples taste more sour than other apples.So she also feels .sour・,too.
6.The final line of the poem,I think th e tone is full of resignation.Although she wants to get off the train,she can・t do it.She have no choices.The point being pergnant is a woman・s duty is deeply rooted in her mind so she can・t avoid it.Instead,she have to face it even though she is afraid of it.As long as she is a woman.
Finally,I feel the poem is full of irony,too.The poet wants people to know pergnancy is a burden for a woman.They are not as happy as we see.

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