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Posted by Kim
Posted on Mon Nov 16 22:25:06 1998
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Journal --- Iˇ¦m Nobody! Who are you?
This is quite a short poem, but I think it clearly speaks out the speakerˇ¦s thoughts. I think the speaker must have been bothered by being well known and she strongly wants to be nobody instead of somebody to get back her peaceful life.
According to the words in the poem, I guess the speaker is one who is not proud of being famous at the cost of losing her time with her family and friends but is more pleased to have a nice and peaceful life and being nobody! Also, I think she speaks in quite a bit childlike way in the first line. When she asks readers if we are nobody too she is identifying the readers with her. She invites the readers to be on her side. I guess the reason why there are two dashes in ˇ¨Are you -Nobody- too?ˇ¨ is that she is hesitating when she asks the question! Maybe at first she thinks that everyone likes to be somebody so she is afraid to ask the question. Besides, I think the speaker does not appreciate the attitude of the ˇ¨theyˇ¨ in the poem. She thinks it not necessary to be somebody just to attract peopleˇ¦s attention!
The speaker thinks that in this world of everyone wanting to be ˇ§somebodyˇ¨, people banish those who do not have the same ambition as them- those who want to be nobody. So she says ˇ§Donˇ¦t tell theyˇ¦d banish usˇ¨. In the first line of the second stanza, we can tell what kind of miserable life it may be to be somebody. We can see examples in our society, many famous people go everywhere with bodyguards and they feel no safety because there might be some people having the intention to hurt them. They are famous but at the cost of losing part of their freedom. I think this is what the speaker says about ˇ§drearyˇ¨. She also makes fun at those ˇ§somebodyˇ¨ at the last two lines by describing them as frogs croaking all the time to the bog.
I personally agree with the speakerˇ¦s point of being nobody instead of somebody. If everyone is somebody, then there should not be anymore ˇ§somebodyˇ¨, because all the somebody turns to be nobody. So why bother myself to be somebody as a terminal goal of our life. Being nobody can be fun because no one cares what I do and one will not feel limited to do anything. I am the kind of person, who does not feel like being controlled, so I totally understand what the speaker tries to say in the poem.I hope I grape the right meaning of this poem.

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