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Posted by Johanna
Posted on Tue Nov 17 03:02:04 1998
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I heard a Fly buzz-when I died
I choose this poem to write my journal because this poem makes me have more thoughts. When I read the title ¡GI heard a Fly buzz¡Xwhen I died, the first thoughts that come into my mind is that I think this poem is writing about a dieing person and write about what she heard about when she died. For us we haven¡¦t known what is the feeling of death, because we haven¡¦t died yet. So all we thought of death is all by our imagination. And I think this poem, of course is written by the writer¡¦s imagination.
The first sentence¡GI heard the Fly buzz¡Xwhen I died. I think ¡§I¡¨ means the writer herself, maybe I should say it also the person who tells this poem. The writer images herself is that dead person and pictures that felling of death. In this sentence I also found a strange thing that why ¡§Fly¡¨ the writer writes in capitalization. I think maybe the writer want to emphasize the feeling when a person died. Because when a person died, her heart stop bitting and she can¡¦t move anymore. It just like a floating subject and can¡¦t feel the weight. So it just like flying in the air. And when a person die, her brain might be not stop all its founction immedieatly, but very slowly. So maybe the first part that our brain can¡¦t not be used is the hearing. That¡¦s why the person can¡¦t hear the sound very clearly. When you can¡¦t hear the sound very clearly, you might just heard a sound like a bee, buzz. And the second sentence I think it is just like what I¡¦ve said. Because the dead person can¡¦t move, she might fell that every thing around her is paused in a moment and only the body, dead body, seams to float and ready to go to another world.
In the second stanza the focus is changed. In that first stanza the dead person only notice and feel about her own feeling, but now she notice other people¡¦s action around her. She is just like a watcher and looks at them, but she just can¡¦t speak to them. ¡§ The Eyes around¡Xhad wrung them dry¡¨ I think it means they¡¦ve just cried. And the following sentences I think that means the atmosphere is very serious. Everyone seems very sad, and not saying a word. The air seems be frozen.
The third stanza I think is writing about the person ¡§saw¡¨ her family distributes her keepsakes and she is wondering what she will be assigned. But when she thought of this, her brain seems become weaker again. So she feels she become more and more soft.
The last stanza I am not quite understand but I image myself is that dead person. I think the first sentence ¡§blue¡¨ actually means ¡§black¡¨ and also means sad. And this maybe means she ¡§really¡¨ can¡¦t see anymore. Or maybe means there¡¦s an angel taking her away. Then at that moment it means she is completely dead.

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