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Posted by Christine
Posted on Tue Nov 17 10:19:33 1998
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Iˇ¦m Nobody! Who Are You?
Name: Christine
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After reading this poem, I have a kind of lonely and sorrow feeling toward it. The words in it showed this information. For example, theyˇ¦d ˇ§banishˇ¨ us. How ˇ§drearyˇ¨ to be somebody, etc. I suddenly have an idea to explain it, though it may be different from the explain below the poem.
If we try to imagine that there are two islands on the ocean. They are surrounded by water. And you stand on one of them, and there is no one on the other. However, you donˇ¦t know that. Now, you must feel lonely and try to find someone to keep company with you. Suddenly, you find there is an island far away, you will shout. You hope someone to answer you.
ˇ§Hello! Anybody there?ˇ¨ ˇ§Hello! Anybody there?ˇ¨ ˇ§Iˇ¦m here!ˇ¨ Iˇ¦m here!ˇ¨ Somehow, you still feel lonely and helpless. Now, you will think that there is someone far away from you. In fact, there is only ˇ§you.ˇ¨
If you listen to it carefully, you will find that the voice is just your own echo.
After reading the second stanza, I have another feeling about it. It seemed that the speaker didnˇ¦t want to be a famous person. And I feel that, too. Because to be a famous person have to take a lot of pressures. If I were be that one day, I will feel tried,too.

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