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Posted on Wed Nov 4 15:37:24 1998
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(Actually I'm Cindy. I'm sorry for confusing you. I'm forced to change a name to write a new journal because my original journal is not complete. Since I had a class then, I have to cut it without ending it.)

Journal of "I Ask My Mother to Sing"
A song is always involves different feelings and complicated emotion. Therefore many people express and transmit their affection by singing all kinds of songs.
The speaker is a American-Chinese, who peobably has never been in Mainland China throughout his life. When his mother and grandmother sing, he would take the wing of the special song to his own world of fascination.
He might feel not only familiar but also strange about the particular country, his so-called motherland. How special Mainland China is in the speaker's heart and mind. He should have known much about the remote land from his grandmother, father and mother. He metioned Peking, the Summer Palace, the great Stone Boat and Kuen Ming Lake in the middle stanza. However, he has never gain the opportunity the take a look at his homeland in person. He doesn't know how those people walking on Peking street talk with each other. Do they look just like me? He has no idea what color the water in Kuen Ming Lake is. Deep blue or a little green?
He might be confused with a question" Am I a American or a Chinese?" His blood flowing in his veins belongs to Chinese, however he has lived in the United States for such a long time. He speaks, writes, reads and listen to English all day long. Maybe he couldn't speak Chinese and has a sense to realize Chinese culture.
Besides, in the poem we could see the speaker's family miss their homeland very much. The mother and grandmother would cry when they sing the song containing a lot of precious memory. The song is just like a magic spell which reminds them of these good days they spend in Mainland China; these days they treasure so much. Though they shed tears they would continue to sing because the particular melody and lyrics are what link to their far-off fatherland.

Journal of "Those Winter Sundays"
Sunday should be the best day of a week because you don't have to work so that you could relax yourself. However, at the beginning of the poem, we know that the speaker's father got up early, too. I think the description tells us the father is a serious and regular person. He was solemn and hard to touch. Maybe most father would give their children such a impression. How sad and sorry it is! He played a very important role in the family. He was the one work hard to support the family and drove out the cold. What's ironic, he drove out the cold for his son but his son spoke indifferently to him.
The three stanzas of the poem are put regularly and with balance. It may express the feeling about his boring and ordinary, inactive life.
The poem is haunted with a lonely and quiet atmosphere from the top to the end. For example, "the blueblack cold" give us a dusky impression. Besides, the speaker describes the house with "chronic angers," the words might reveal his unpleasant feeling about the place he lived. At last, the speaker talks about "love's austere and lonely offices." To his way of thinking, the love he felt in his family might be austere and lonely.

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