Subject I heard a Fly buzz-when I died
Posted by Melody
Posted on Tue Nov 17 11:05:39 1998
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Melody¡¦s journal---I hear a fly buzz-when I die
I hear a fly buzz-when I die-
We know that when someone is going to die,his body will be decadent.
Therefore,flies are related to a dead body.The narrator indicate the main
idea in the first line,in order to bring us closer to her feeling about the
The Stillness in the Room
Was like the Stillness in the Air
Between the Heaven of Strom
When someone lies in bed waiting the upcoming death,the room must
be full of the serious atmosphere because death is very sacred.For nor-
mal people,we seldom notice that what does a fly¡¦s sound like.But the
narrator notice it.From this,we can find that how quiet the room is.
Therefore,the narrator uses the word¡¨stillness¡¨ to describe it.Besides,
the ¡§stillness¡¨might also indicate the narrator¡¦s mental state.These
three lines descibe the process of waiting to death.
The Eyes around-had wrung then dry
And Breaths were gayhering firm
¡§The eyes around¡¨might mean that there are many people around the
narrator such as her relatives or friends.They must have weep sadly
around her, Their breaths were gathering firm to see the narrator¡¦s
life went to an end.
For the last Onset-when the king
Be witnessed-in the Room
Actually,I can¡¦t fully understand these two lines.What does the word
¡§king¡¨means?Does ¡§ the last Onset¡¨ means death?
I willed my keepsakes-Singed away
What portion of me be
Assignable-and then it was
There interposed a Fly
The narrator was very generous to give everything she have to others.
I think that every one was born without bringing anything.also when
he die ,he brings nothing back. Fame and wealth means nothing after
our death.
With blue, uncertain,stumbling buzz,
Between the light and me
The narrator pays attention to the sound of the fly again.She felt that
the sound was blue just like her mood.
And then the window failed,and then
I could not see to see
I like these two lines because the rhetoric is propriate to descibe the
narrator¡¦s condition.When someone is going to die, he will gradually
lose his conscience and the sense of sight.Finally,he has no sense at
all.I like this poem because I never see such a poem like this.I hope
that I could learn more about this kind of poem.

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