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Posted on Tue Nov 17 11:23:13 1998
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Poetry Journal 2 Grace no.20
This is my second journal about poetry. It is also the first time I wrote
my journal on line. I really admired those who are good at using com.
because I can¡¦t use computer well. That¡¦s another one reason why I
didn¡¦t write my journal on line until now.^o^¡K¡K..
So, I want to discuss the poem---¡§I¡¦m no body!Who are you?¡¨
It¡¦s contents are not very long but I thought it did express a lot of idea.
The poet emphaized the two opposite opinions:Nobody,and Somebody.
She supported the idea ¡§Nobody¡¨ without doubt. She even said:¡¨How
Dreary ¡Vto be ¡VSomebody!¡¨I thought maybe I could explain about it.
There always a lot of people want to be Somebody! Somebody means
to become famous,rich, maybe the one who is powerful! Somebody
means being known by whole society----the high class society!
Those who wanted to become somebody finally would lose themselves
and never coould found who they were. ¡§How public¡Xlike a frog¡¨
could express one thing truly---most people are doing this kind of thing.
To spend whole their life chasting something they even didn¡¦t sure clearly are they really want. They just followed most people¡¦s steps!
They wanted to be Somebody and they not only did this but also wanted
others to do like them. If someone didn¡¦t agree and refused to follow,
then they would banish who didn¡¦t show like them. The poet wanted
all readers could understand what she want to say and agree with her.
I must say that I do agree with her idea. I thought everyone is a single
living substance and everyone must have their own thoughts. And one
thing very important ----everyone has their own rights to decide what kind of person they want to be. If you really want to be Nobody, that¡¦s
O.K, as long as that is exactlly what you want. If you choose the other
side¡Xto be Somebody, that¡¦s all right, you only need agreement from
your own heart.
I thought we shouldn¡¦t take any side because it couldn¡¦t be judge right or wrong. It only decided by your heart and no one has the right to
criticize your owm choices.
Talking about the skill that poet using in this poem:a lot of lines betwee
n stances and words. I am not sure if those lines were used to emphaize
or just made a difference of the tone that readers read. I thought I would
pointed out this question in class and listened to others¡¦ opinions.
And , Ray, I am sorry to write so short ¡K¡K..I promise I will do best next time¡K¡K.I really don¡¦t accosm to such a way writing¡K..

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