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Posted by Dorothy
Posted on Tue Nov 17 11:24:41 1998
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"I heard a Fly buzz-- when I died" What a strange title! Actually, I did not get the points of this poem
when Ireead it at the first two or three times. But after knowing the meaning of new words, and rereading
it many times, I thought that Ihad a general picture about it. But I am afraid that I may write it without organizing.
I felt sad after reading this poem. Ithoyght it was describing the dready situation of a person who was dying.
because the people around him alll desire for his property. In the rirst pagagraph, there is a contrast between
"Stillness" and "storm", althought the speaker says that the room is still, I cannot help imagining that there are
something proceeding secrectly.
In the second paragraph, I guess that the speaker is trying to say what is proceeding. The sight of the people
who stand around the speaker make the atmosphere become serious."And Breaths were gathering firm
For the last Onset" I guess these words meean that the people all nake a good preparation, and ready to
have a attact toward the speaker before the speaker is dead. What do they want want is nothing more than
the speaker's property. So I guess "the king" is the speaker himself (or herself) who was gazing by a groupe
of tigers, because the king always has many treasure,
Then the third and four paragraph, the speaker finally signed away what he (or she) has, and then the
speaker says that "Windows failed",I think that means he (or she)close his (or she) eyes.The spesker now
is really gone away.
I am wondering about does Fly means? Does it really mean Fly? I discuss this with my roomate, she
says that maybe the Fly is a symble of angel, because one can see the angel before dying. But I think it
is strange, because how an angel "buzz"? As far as I am concerned, I guess that maybe the Fly means
some bothersome things, aat the end of this poem, the speaker mentions the Fly again after signing away
what is assignable, and the speaker says that "uncertain stumbling Buzz", I think that is because the speaker
has already gave the people what they want, and the speaker is losing his (or her) consciousness, and that
means all the bothersome things are away from the speaker.
I also have a question about this poem. There are many first letters were capitaled while they are not
in front of a sentence. Does it have special meaning?

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