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Posted by Angela
Posted on Tue Nov 17 11:29:29 1998
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I don't know the word "metaphor", so I looked up this word in my dictionary. It's said that a metaphor is an imaginative way of describing something by referring to something else, which has the qualities that you want to express. The title of this poem is plural. So it means that there are more than one metaphor in this poem. I think the speaker describes only one thing by using many different words and things. At first, I really have no idea about the meaning and theme of this poem. What on earth does this poem talk about? What do nine syllables mean? This is a very confusing poem. She said that she is an elephant, a ponderous house, a means, and so on. It seems that there is no close correlation among these words. Finally, I realize what the general idea is for I look up " a cow in calf" through my dictionary. I find that it means a pregnant cow. I think that the speaker is a pregnant woman. She uses these words--- elephant, ponderous, fat to describe her fat figure because of pregnancy. Her tone is unhappy. The first line of this poem is " I'm a riddle in the nine metaphors." I don't understand why she would say those words, and what nine syllables mean. Does it mean nine months of the pregnant process or nine metaphors in this poem--- an elephant, a ponderous house, a melon, a red fruit, a loaf, a fat purse, a means, a stage and a cow in calf? When a woman is with child, she must get fatter and fatter in nine months. So does the speaker. She is so fat that she thinks that she looks like an elephant and that her belly is a ponderous house for her child. We can image that how she looks and how unhappy she is. I am unaware of if there is any metaphor in " two tendrils". The melon means she herself, then how about the tendril? Her belly becomes bigger and bigger day by day. And this is just like bread, which inflate with yeast. The new-minted money is compared as her child, who is new in this world. And she is the fat purse. She adds the word "fat" especially and designedly in order to emphasizes her fat figure now. She thinks that she is like a medium to bear child. She doesn't feel delighted at all about having a baby. So she said that she is a means, a stage, even that she is a cow in calf. The pregnant woman needs nutrient for both of she and her child. So she has eaten a bag of green apples. In the final line of this poem, her tone is sad. She expresses that she has no choices, and has to keep this child. Once she boards a train, she can't get off any more. It seems to narrate that a woman has no way out when she gets pregnant even if she doesn't want to have a child. I guess that she innuendos the hardship and the poor situation of a pregnant woman. Perhaps her husband doesn't love her any more owing to her bad and fat appearance or she lacks love and comfort from her husband, so she wrote this poem.

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