Subject Aunt Jennifer's Tigers
Posted by Peggy
Posted on Tue Nov 17 11:29:39 1998
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The poem :Aunt Jennifer・s Tigers; talks about marital violence. After reading this poem, we know that Aunt Jennifer・s life was very terrible. She always felt terrified and scared because her husband・s violent behavior to her. So we can know the relationship between Aunt Jennifer and Uncle was aloof, estranged, and distant. Her marriage was not as sweet as a beautiful dream, it was a terrible nightmare to her. Maybe that・s why the title is :Aunt Jennifer・s Tigers,; not :Uncle and Aunt・s Tigers.;
It seems that Aunt Jennifer was a very traditional woman who always obeyed her husband and never tried to fight against him, though he treated her with violence and made her live with fear and horror all the time. And this poem presents the image of Aunt Jennifer as an artist, sewing tigers in the screen. :They do not fear the men beneath the tree; they pace in sleek chivalric certainty.; It described the tigers in the screen. Although I can・t really understand the meaning of :sleek chivalric certainty,; we still can say that in Aunt Jennifer・s heart, she hoped herself could as brave and fierce as the tigers and never fear husband anymore. She didn・t put her thoughts into action, but presented them by her sewing.
In second stanza, the two sentences :The massive weight of Uncle・s wedding band sits heavily upon Aunt Jennifer・s hand.; For her, the marriage seemed a terrible dream without any happiness at all, so the wedding band just like a small prison, limiting her and making her stand an unhappy marriage with violence. And in the traditional society, she couldn・t show her disappointment and complaint. To her, the marriage was a heavy stone on her shoulder.
:When Aunt is dead, her terrified hands still ringed with ordeals she was mastered by.; What a terrible marriage! Instead of happiness, hope, and love, violence and hopelessness were full of her life. And she had no method to help herself escape from the bad dream. What she could do was get used to endure the great pains from her husband.
In the last two sentences :The tigers in the panel that she made will go on prancing, proud and unafraid.; In her deep heart, she hoped that she could get respect and her dignity and could be proud and unafraid as the tigers do. The tigers are the symbol of her true felling in her mind.
The poem makes me feel very sad and sorry for Aunt Jennifer, whose marriage is a terrible tragedy. Nowadays, marital violence still happens in our society. It makes feel very unbelievable why the couple will be so different in the marriage from before they got married. The problem about marital violence makes a lot of broken family and many social problems. We really have to pay attention to it. And I think that a woman should be individual and have her own ideas and thoughts and show them out properly. Don・t just want to depend on others・ help. And then, women would be respected.

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