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Posted on Tue Nov 17 12:03:57 1998
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Poem Journal-----I'm Nobody! Who are you?
Among the five poems,I have more feelings about this one. And I think
this poem is easier to read and understand than the other four poems.
In the first stanza,the speaker just likes a child playing games,when she meet a stranger,she will ask that person "who are you"and then check if
they are on the same side.It is very common for us to hope that we can
find someone on our side because after that,we can feel easier and more
comfortable.When the speaker asked "Are you-Nobody-too? ",she likes
a child with hesitation and hopes to get responses.The speaker wants the
reader to agree with her opinions and be on her side.I think the speaker
doesn't want to be a famous person.She wants to enjoy a quiet and peace-
ful life.Many people want to be famous but on the contrary,they also have
to pay for it.They can't do anything at will because people all know who
they are.They have to set a good example for us.They have to like a god
and do nothing wrong.They may lose a lot of things such as freedom,
friendship,family warmth or something else.Maybe some day they will be
involved in scandals but they don't know why.Be a famous man is really
very hard because they have to suffer many things.I think this is the reason why the speaker said "How dreary to be somebody!".The speaker
must have experienced that to be a famous person.
In the second stanza,the speaker use a sophisticated voice to say not like
the first stanza.I like her simile "Frog" because I think it correspond to the famous people very well.I agree with the speaker's point.I think to be
a nobody is happier than to be a somebody.You don't have to be tied by so many things as a somebody.And I think such a kind of life is what I want most because I can do anything at will.That's why the speaker think
it is silly to be a somebody.

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