Subject Aunt Jennifer's Tigers
Posted by Nicole
Posted on Tue Nov 17 19:45:54 1998
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When I first saw the name of the poem "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers", I felt it is interesting. But when I saw the content of this poem, I found it is serious.
I think Aunt Jennifer was a wife who was mastered and controlled by her husband. She was suppressed her emotion and thoughts by his husband. Therefore, she tried to be involved in embroidery and fix her thoughts on her handiwork. Like the tiger on the screen, it was prancing with proud. She saw herself as the tiger that filled of energy and wanted to swagger about.
In this poem, it referred to the relationship between the husband and wife. It made me think of the short story, "The Yellow Wallpaper". It was the same with "The Yellow Wallpaper" that the wife was under control of her husband and supposed not to have her own feeling and thoughts. Also the wife in that times was not allowed to disobey what the husband's words. In this poem, the wife actually was full of energy and had her own apprehension, but she was supposed to follow her husband's words and be a so-called "good wife". Therefore, she discharged her repressed feeling on the art. The inequality between men and women, and husband and wife was referred to in both this poem and "The Yellow Wallpaper". Fortunately, the wife was not like the narrator in the short story. She had her own way to express her feeling.
I think the tiger was the image of Jennifer. She was just like the tiger who was full of energy

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