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Posted on Tue Nov 17 20:46:03 1998
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I・m Nobody! Who are you?
The first line is said that I・m Nobody! Who are you? It seems that the speaker is finding his partner, so when he meets someone, he will say ;Who are you? :If you want to know others, you have to introduce yourself.
The second line is said :Are you-Nobody-too?; the speaker guesses if the person he asks is Nobody too. He wants to fond the partner but he is afraid that the person that he ask is Somebody that is familiar, I want to ask if he is the person that I know. I will feel nervous that maybe he is not the person that I know, and it will embarrass me.
The third line said :Then there・s a pair of us!; He finds the one that he wants to seek. It・s very happy. If you play a game, you have to fond a partner and you have to avoid being caught. Then, when you find the person, you will feel surprise and happy. Maybe it is the emotion when the speaker founds the partner.
Then, the fourth line said :Don・t tell! They・d banish us-you know!; The speaker warns the partner not to tell. I f they are found by Somebody, they will be banished, and they can・t play the game anymore. The speaker should********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************rdblquote He thinks that Somebody will banish them. When someone becomes a powerful person, sometimes privilege may get in his eye. All he want is do anything good for him, and at the same time he may damage others rights. Therefore, the speaker thinks that to be Somebody is like a frog, always making noise. It・s just like officials. They always say something that they can・t achieve. During rlecting, the candidates may say a lot of political views. Some of them don・t care about if they can achieve the views. All they want is be elected. And after being elected, they broke their promise. People don・t be benefited from the candidates , but are persecuted by the officials.
I am Nobody. Sometimes I think that to be Somebody is wonderful. They will be popular and many people like them. They will have a lot of friends. I envy them. I want to be but I can・t because I can・t judge things. Maybe being Nobody is suitable for me. I don・t have to bear so many things, and I just have care about myself. Not everybody can be Somebody. If there are full of
Somebody, who will be Nobody. Everyone takes good care of his job and it is all what he has to do. Actually, when you envy someone, he maybe envies you too. Therefore, just be yourself, and you are the best.

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