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Posted on Tue Nov 17 22:07:39 1998
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I am nobody ! Who are you?
Actually I think that this poem is not very easy to understand when I first saw it. I was confused with "Nobody" and "Somebody". After reading it several times, I found that
the poem is about the alienation between people.
In the first stanza, the speaker sounds like a naughty child playing a game with a friend.
It seems that the speaker is trying to invite someone to join her game. I feel that she is glad to have a partner. Because she says that "Then there*s a pair of us." I guess that she enjoys getting along with her company. They seem to be close friends. Suddenly the speaker use the sentences "Don*t tell ! they*d banish us -you know!!!" I think that the speaker becomes sarcastic and no longer easily to deal with. He is like more a sophisticated adult than a na*ve child. I think that the speaker uses the verb "banish" to laugh at those who consider themselves extremely special.
In the second stanza, the tone changes sharply. It becomes serious and even more sarcastic. The speaker tries to use a strong word " dreary" to show her unwillingness to be "Somebody". I can imagine how the speaker hates "somebody" according to her description. She describes the public as a frog which always repeats the same thing. She prefers to be "nobody". She never wants to be an admiring bog to accept those croaking frog(Somebody).

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