Subject I really heard a fly buzz!!
Posted by Dan
Posted on Mon Nov 23 19:37:44 1998
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I heard a Fly buzz-when I died
When I saw across this poem in the first time, I could feel how horrible the death was. All the body can do is wait quietly although there may be a fly buzzing around the body. Although this body still has many desires for singing her keepsake away and for knowing what portion of his is assignable, it was cruel to her that there only interposed a fly-with blue-uncertain stumbling buzz.
There is great imagination in this poem and it・s impossible for people who died to have consciousness to observe what・s going on around their bodies. However, the author give them the last breath to get the sense that they died gradually and to get the feeling of silent death. It is really the most particular part in this poem and it・s why the poem was so attractive.
The first sentence is easy to understand but the following five sentences are really hard for me to know what the real meaning they want to express. :The Stillness in the Room Was like the Stillness in the Air-Between the heaves of Storm.; The word :Stillness; here may not really mean the true meaning of stillness because the Heaves of Storm are huge. It may mean that this fly flies, searches, and buzz in the room. Although there seems to be stillness in the room because the little fly can・t make loud noise, it・s really not stillness for the room with only one person died in.
:For the last Onset-when the King Be witnessed-in the Room.; I think that the King is the person who died but he can still feel that he・s witnessed in the room by that fly or something. And the following two sentences tell us what the body thinks to do.
The last stanza is a little sad because the body died gradually. :And then the Windows failed-and then I could not see to see-: I have a funny thought that the Windows may mean the soul of the body-the eyes of the body. They failed and the eyes closed. Of course, the person could not see to see.
The whole poem is not only sad but also beautiful because it tells us the sense of death and it may also tell us to cherish our life. We must do things we want to do quickly, or we may regret when we suddenly died.

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