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Posted on Tue Nov 24 20:14:30 1998
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After I read the poem and thr information about the poem " Harlem " , I think this is a poem about African American .
What does " Harlem " mean ? I think we should understand what it is before reading this poem especially it plays an important role in this poem . "Harlem " - after I look it up in the dictionary , I find that it means a place where black people live in America . So it helps us understand that the poem is about black people in America .
" What happens to a dream deferred ? "
What does the " dream " mean ? When we read the introduction about the writter , we can find that the ages
which the writter lived was before 1960 . And at the ages , the black people did not live very well. The black people were always bullied by the white people . They did not and should not have freedom because they were the labors . The white people thought that the black people were lowly , and they should be the servants of the white people . So we can imagine that the black people did not live happily and well at that ages . Therefore I think the meaning of the " dream " in the poem means that they wanted to be treated fairly and lived as well as the white people . There is a question : Why did the writter use " dream " but not " hope " ? What is the difference ? Well , I think that dream is something may be a little more difficult to be practiced than hope . On the other hand , the practical probability of hope is more successful than dream .I do not understand exactly why the writter used " dream " but not " hope " .Maybe it is because he thought to practice the dream was difficultly . But I think it was true that it was very difficult for the black people to be treated fairly , even now .
We can see that the writter used some similes to describe how he felt about the dream . He thought the dream dried up like a raisin in the sun. But we can see that he used some strong words to express his thoughts :
" fester like a sore "
" stink like rotten meat "
Well , Ithink they are the worest situation !! But he used some words differently to show the switch of his attitude .
" crust and sugar over -
like a syrupy sweet "
Here , I am a little confused . Do these words mean that they still have chances and confidence to make the dream come true ? I do not know the really meaning exactly .
Look at the last atanza :
" Or does it explode ? "
I think it is very special and strange . The sentence does not gather with other sentences . It is just alone ! Why did the writter write taht ? Does the word " explode " means the war between the black and the white be started ?
About other two poems we have read "We Real Cool " and " Those Winter Sundays " were also written by or about African American . We can read that there were different feelings between those poems .
*We Real Cool :The young guys always fool around . They did not want their future . They did nothing good for their future ,even the future of the black .
*Those Winter Sundays :We can feel the father's love . But we still can feel the toil of being a labor , a black . :-)

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