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Posted on Wed Nov 4 16:52:39 1998
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After reading the five poems, there is a poem that gives the most impression, that is ¡§ The Negro Speaks of Rivers.¡¨ I think the most important reason that I choose this is because after reading this poem, I felt this poem is a little related to the history, the western history or maybe the Negro¡¦s history. And I am a double major, my major is the history, so I am much interested in it and maybe more sensitive to it. The poem would remind me some western history that I have learned, and I have a lot of feeling and thought about it.
As we know from the first paragraph, or maybe this is what we should know already, rivers have existed for many thousands of years. Maybe they are the same age as the world. They have been created with the world. And also we can understand why the writer said ¡§ rivers are older than the flow of human blood in human veins.¡¨ I think we can understand that rivers are older than human beings. The existence of rivers is much earlier than the existence of human beings. But the writer said ¡§ the flow of human blood in human veins,¡¨ I think this is a ironic and maybe is a metaphor. It means the blood is just like a river in our body and it is very important. We can¡¦t live without it. Including the verb, flow, I think it is because it would make the word, blood, become more vivid. And this seems means that the human is alive, and it is full of vitality, just like the rivers, even the rivers have been existed in this world for such a long time, but it still seems full of vigor and still very active.
The several paragraphs I can¡¦t quite understand why the writer said ¡§ My soul has grown deep like rivers.¡¨ I think that maybe it is because he is Negro. This is undoubted and this is seems like a destiny that his ancient is Negro, do does he. I think ¡§the soul¡¨ means ¡§the Negro¡¦s soul.¡¨ This has been existed for thousands of years, too. So it just like the rivers has existed for many thousands of years. This can¡¦t be change. He can¡¦t change the fact that he is a Negro because this has circulate for generation to generation. I think this is the reason why he said ¡§My soul has grown deep like rivers.¡¨
In the third paragraph, the writer seems telling us the history of his ancient. We can read from this poem that writer has mentioned four rivers. The first three rivers are all near Africa or is in Africa where are the Negro¡¦s original home state. The first river ¡§the Euphrates¡¨ as we know, this river is one of the origin of the world ancient civilization. The writer said ¡§I bathed in Euphrates when dawns were young¡¨ I think ¡§I¡¨ didn¡¦t refer to the writer, it means his ancestors. And ¡§dawns¡¨ I think it means ¡§ the dawns of civilization¡¨ So in this sentence I think the writer wanted to tell us that they have been exit since this civilization appeared and maybe they are one of the participators of this ¡§Double-river civilization.¡¨ The second sentence I think the writer wanted to tell us when his ancestors were in Africa, they were attached the river to live. But actually not only them, all of the ancient civilizations are all originate from rivers. At that time they has to live beside the rivers in order to have water, they can¡¦t live far away the rivers because they didn¡¦t have running water systems. The third sentence I think it is telling us the Egypt civilization. The appearance of this great civilization that the most important reason is because they have a river, ¡§Nile.¡¨ We always say that ¡§Nile is God¡¦s gift to Egyptian.¡¨ The last sentence I think is also the most important one in this paragraph. As we know almost all of the Negro in America are actually come from Africa. At the beginning of American history they were sent to America to be slavers. And one of the important wars in American history is ¡§North-and-South War.¡¨ The most important reason of this war is because the different opinions of north people and south people on slavers problems. Lincoln is the most important person of this war. Because he stood for liberating the slavers. The Mississippi River goes through north to south. It seems means that this river represents the Negro¡¥s treatment become the same from north to south because of this war. And New Orleans is the end of this river, at that time there are many Negro there. So I think New Orleans can be a symbol of Negro, or maybe I should say the black slavers. At the end of the paragraph the writer mentioned ¡§I¡¦ve seen its muddy bosom turn all golden in sunset.¡¨ I think it means the Negro¡¦s live finally become much better, and they finally got rid of the slaver life. To conclude this paragraph I think Negro¡¦s history is just like the rivers keep running on and on.

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