Subject In a Station of the Metro
Posted by Christine
Posted on Wed Nov 25 11:08:04 1998
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In a Station of the Metro
Name: Christine
Student I.D.: 487200221
After reading this poem, actually, I don・t really like it. Because the poem is too cold. However, I decided to write the journal about this poem. Because it is the shortest one, and I can understand it the best.
In my opinion, the tone of this poem is calm and indifferent. It seems that the speaker stands aside and watches all these people crowed in and out the station. But the people are acting without any emotion, they move just like ghosts.
What they want to do is to arrive their aimed earlier. They don・t care how other people see them, and they don・t want to care other people, either. There aren・t any facial expressions on their face.
This is what I feel about the 1st sentence.
And the 2ed sentence gives me another total different feeling. It gives me a feeling that life is short. Because the word :petals; means a beautiful thing, however, it can・t last for a long time. Moreover, during this short life, people are always in a hurry. They seem never want to stop and take a look at what are surrounding them.
People who live in modern times always put emphasis on themselves. They hurried just for their own idea. Nowadays people are indifference. Just like the people who walk in or walk out the station. They only care about themselves. Maybe, when they meet someone that they know, they just say :Hi!; and then walk away.
Sometimes I will do that, too. Because I just focus on what I concern about. And I don・t care how others look upon me. Maybe the speaker felt the cold and indifference between humanbeings, so that he wrote this poem, just want show his feeling about the people living in the modern world.

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