Subject In a Station of the Metro
Posted by Cherry
Posted on Wed Nov 25 11:50:11 1998
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Although the poem ¡§In a Station of the Metro is short,I like it best. This poem shows phenomenon- our society is becoming more and more callous. It seems that everyone doesn¡¦t care about anything except himself. What follows that we are only ¡¥individuals¡¦ instead of ¡¥groups¡¦.
The poet was an American poet of 20th century. As I know, in the 20th century it was the time after the industrial revolution. All the world was changing quickly because of the development. Not only our daily life changed but also our relationship between other people changed, too. The world became more and more convenient in some ways. However, it was only convenient on the ¡¥surface¡¦. We can make good use of this modern equipment but in the process of industrialization we may lose something important to us. Now what people care about is material life. They forget spiritual life is important, too. Like the Metro in Paris, it is also the product of the industrial revolution but we can see that in this big city it lacks something.
With the station, people can travel one place to another. However, the speaker in the poem discover the Metro¡¦s black side.¡¨ The apparition of these faces in crowd. Especially the word apparition gives us an uncomfortable feeling. I think it is not a good word. It sounds like everyone is separated by an invisible wall and everyone doesn¡¦t have much affection to others. Like the ghost who is always being alone. Besides, these faces look unhappy and uncertain. Although they are in crowed, they still feel lonely and helpless. The word¡¨ crowed¡¨ may be a irony.
I think ¡¨petals ¡¨are the symbol of separation. Petals means a part of a flower, only an element of a flower. In other words, it is a pieces of petal not a whole flower. Petals on a wet, black bough. Maybe the speaker feels sad about the situation. He as lonely as the petal which is crying on a bough. Because of his tears the bough becomes wet. Because of his feeling in his heart, the bough turns to black-a dark color. On the other hand, petals also mean to everybody . The station of the Metro is a symbol of the whole society. The speaker doesn¡¦t only refer to Paris but also refer to the industrial cities, countries.
Furthermore, the punctuation ¡Vsemicolon which is at the end of the first line. It is used to separate independent parts of a sentence or list. The semicolon also a symbol , too. Besides it emphasize on the separate feeling.
The poet expresses hie experience in the Metro by writing a short poem. I think it is a good way. If he writes a story, it will not give us so much reflection. When we read the poem, we can read it over and over , find the connotation, have a strong feeling by only a few words. Like ¡§In a Station of the Metro¡¨ gives me deep feeling.

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