Subject Neutral Tones
Posted by Dan
Posted on Wed Nov 25 23:48:35 1998
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Neutral Tones
You know, after reading this poem five or six times, it's still hard to imagine the scene that the poem intends to build. The first stanza is easy to know although there are many beautiful descriptions about the scene or this picture. The speaker gives all the things life to have some actions like humanity. They chide, lay, feel starving or fall from an ash. It seems like that every thing in this poem has its own thought and it's not controlled by people.
The second stanza is exactly difficult for me to imagine that kind of scene. It seems that "your eyes" want to find out many answers to many questions from "me"---the speaker. Of course, that kind of action provokes the speaker because no one wants to have eyes search on him. So the speaker says "Your eyes rove over tedious riddles of years ago." And I guess the following two sentences mean that the speaker feels bored about "your words" and thinks that "your words" may break the love between each other inch by inch. The speaker really complains of "you" and I think it's because "your eyes and words" are different from the speaker's imagination about "you."
The third stanza is obvious that the speaker still complains of "you." She puts more and more emphasis on telling about his shortcomings-even his smile. I can feel how much the speaker dislikes him by using lots of bad words, like deadest and ominous. And she starts to suspect of the love between them.
The fourth stanza tells clearly that the speaker feels disappointed about love because she says the love deceives and wrings with wrong. She also calls this kind of change of love keen lessons that may hurt her. The final two sentences also indicate "your face" as the God-curst sun and a tree and a pond edged with grayish leaves. She has no interest in seeing "your face" and she hates the kind of gray scene.
After finishing all stanzas in this poem, we can find out that the speaker feels disappointed about love and even never believes it again. But I don't feel sympathetic about the speaker. She complains of the man all the time and doesn't give him any way to explain. I don't know why she has the right to judge love by imagination because I always think that love must work by each other. You must learn to be considerate to your lover, care about her, and share her happiness and bitterness. And then you have the right to define love.

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