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Posted by Johanna
Posted on Thu Nov 26 00:57:16 1998
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When I see the title first time, the first thing that come into my mind is the city¡XNew York. Because as we know one section of New York is called Harlem and this place live most of the Negro people. So this place almost has already become the symbol of the Negro in New York. And as long as we mention about Harlem, most of people will thing of Negro, too. So when I see the title I know this poem must has great relation with Negro.
The first line is an interrogation sentence asking what will happen if a dream deferred. And the second stanza the writer seems answers the question himself. He uses his great imagination to think the feeling that a dream deferred. I find there are five answers, but the writer seems not sure about the answers or maybe he wants the readers to think more about a dream deferred, so even the second stanza the writer still use interrogation sentences.
The first one he describes ¡§a dream deferred¡¨ is like a raisin in the sun. I like this metaphor most. I think that¡¦s because I like eating raisin. The writer describes it as a raisin in the sun. I think maybe that¡¦s because when there is a dream deferred, we should be very disappointed and it just like we lose something, and we might have a sense of lost. It is like a grape being dried up and lose its liquid¡X its vitality. So I think that¡¦s why the writer think it just like a raisin in the sun. ¡§ Sun¡¨ here I think is a symbol of something or someone that makes a dream deferred and it is possible to be the American society. Why I say so, because I think no matter how government declares the equal to white and black people, there must still have racial discrimination. And as we know, in America the white people seems still has much higher place in some way. The Negro seems lives under the control of white people, especially this poem is wrote in 1951, racial discrimination is much serious at that time. The second metaphor is ¡§fester like a sore.¡¨ I think it¡¦s describing the feeling of pain. But think metaphor is really disgusting. The third metaphor is a little similar with the second one. I think it¡¦s very disgusting, either. It seems want to tell us its really bad if a dream deferred. The fourth one is ¡§ crust and sugar over like a syrupy sweet.¡¨ This metaphor is completely different from the second and the third one. This one seems talking about something very good and very wonderful. I think maybe the write wants to express actually it¡¦s not so scared and so bad a dream deferred and I think so, too. Because although a dream deferred we might feel sad and angry this dream actually doesn¡¦t disappear. It still there. We can still keep it in our mind, and dreaming of it. So dream deferred maybe not so bad. The last one is the one that confused me most. Because I really can¡¦t understand why a dream deferred is like sags like a heavy load and even would explode. Maybe because if a dream deferred we might want to make it come true someday, the process of ¡§ making a dream¡¨ is just like a heavy load that explode. Because we might have to fight or defend something than make a dream coming true. I find another thing very interesting. The writer only writes one line in the first stanza and the last stanza. So there would be a space between the first stanza and the second stanza and between the second stanza and the third stanza. I think it really shows the feeling of word ¡§ deferred¡¨ and the feeling that dreams being isolated.

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