Subject In a Station of Metro
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Posted on Thu Nov 26 12:31:09 1998
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In a Station of the Metro
This is a short poem which has only two lines. And that makes me recall that when I was a high school student, our Chinese teacher told us that shorter poems are harder to understand.
The title of this poem is also an important clue which can help us to realize the situation which the author wants to create.
Metro is a subway in Paris. Subway is a place where is always crowded with people. The author must has a deep feeling about the people. He noticed that the people in subways are always in a hurry. Everyone just speeds up and hopes to arrive his destination as soon as possible. No one concerns another. They just keep walking rapidly. When a person who doesnˇ¦t care others, his face will become cold and unfriendly, so I guess the word ˇ§apparitionˇ¨ represents peopleˇ¦s indifference. I can imagine that this scene is just like a lot of robots proceeding their jobs. They have no brains, no heart, and just working.
Maybe the author feels that modern people are more indifferent than ever. With the developing of our industry, we start to pay more attention on our material living than mental living. In fact, our society really has improved a lot: We have more food to eat, more beautiful clothes to wear, and we have more entertainment. But while we enjoy the improvement of civilization, we also lose some valuable things just like our care and love.
The second line: Petals on a wet, black bough.
Petals represent the beautiful lives. Wet and black are two negative words. ˇ§Wetˇ¨ gives us a feeling of sticky and humid. No one like it. And ˇ§blackˇ¨ makes us feel melancholy and sad. So the sentence means that if our lives are like that, we will be like the ˇ§falling petalsˇ¨ wither and dieˇK.
The tone of the poem is a little sad, afraid and disappointed. The author feels that the whole world will become more and more realistic if we donˇ¦t change our attitudes. He hopes that people will think this problem carefully.

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