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Posted on Thu Nov 26 13:21:40 1998
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This is my second online journal. I think it will be better than first one.
^o^¡KBefore starting, I want to apologize! I am really sorry about being absent last time. In fact, I didn¡¦t came to school that whole day---because
my stomachache. The illness of stomach has lasted for more than six yea-rs. But now my situation is better and I only ate medicine when I felt unc-
omfortable. If I eat on time and relax, I won¡¦t feel any difference.
Now I must start my journal so that I can still have enough space.^o^
This time I tried the poem by Thomas Hardy ¡§Neutral Tones¡¨. ¡§Neutral¡¨
means standing in the middle and not tending to any side. I think it¡¦s an
attitude of onlooker---who won¡¦t step into and only watch outside. But
there is one thing I must admit that I didn¡¦t really understand the title.
The whole poem used ¡§the first person¡¨ to tell. But being an onlooker seemed like familiar with ¡§the third person¡¨. That¡¦s why I felt a little con-
fused about the title¡K. I also thought the whole poem gave readers some-
thing looked like unhappy, discourage, even a little bit sad feeling. If I use
colors to be symbols of different emotions, I thought the poem¡¦s emotion
--it¡¦s color may be gray.
In fact, the poem did mention the color ¡§gray¡¨ two times. The poet used
¡§gray¡¨ and ¡§grayish¡¨ and these two words both used to describe the leaf-
es. The poem also mention other colors. In the second line said ¡§the sun
was white¡K¡¨ ,and I thought ¡§white¡¨ was also one symbol.When we think
about the sun , we will associate with ¡§red¡¨ or ¡§bright yellow¡¨ , these which are more full of life. ( All of a sudden, one idea occurred in my mind : ¡§Neutral¡¨ also means not being colorful---only are these colors,
such as ¡§black¡¨ , ¡§white¡¨ , and ¡§gray¡¨ . Maybe the title means : without
colors = not being colorful!)
If someone asked me about my feeling after read this poem. I thought
maybe I would say I didn¡¦t hate the poem. It gave me the ¡§winter¡¨ feeling
because it didn¡¦t have a lot of happy or other good, nice feeling. It¡¦s tone
seemed like everything was gone and even love was disappear. Even the leaves in the poem were not green, in stead of were ¡§gray¡¨!
The poet shew his emotions tend to : although love was gone, he was still ride by her . He said ¡§keen lessons that love deceives, and wrings with
Wrong, have shaped to me. Your face, and the God-curst sun, and a tree,
And a pond edged with grayish leaves.¡¨I really could felt his disappoint-
ment. He even used the word ¡§God-crust¡¨!
I think after we talk and discuss in class, I will feel better about the poem.
Although I didn¡¦t hate it, I couldn¡¦t like it. I don¡¦t like such a dark, without hope, without color, this kind of world.

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