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Posted on Thu Nov 26 13:33:59 1998
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Journal Of Harlem
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As far as I know, America is a country that presents freedom and liberty. It is a melting pot and has a lot of immigration. American dream means that if you work hard enough, you must be suceessful and any dreams would come true even to be a American president. Like the movie "Forrest Gump" presents anyone could be successful as long as working hard. But it is ironic to talk about American dream in this poem. It is because most African-American do not have equal opportunities and status in America. They suffer from a series of discriminations. So American dream is not suitable for African-American here. Maybe the writer wanted to express this kind of inequality. And I think in this poem the writer used "Dream deferred" instead of "Unfulfilled Hopes" is better. It is because I think the "dream deffered" means that the American dream just delay not never come and it will come true someday. But "Unfulfilled hopes" sounds like that it had happened and hopeless. So maybe the writer meant the equality will come someday and African-American's American dream could come true. This question reminds me that Taiwan also has the same racial problem between native and mainlander. Taiwan also has the problem of racial discrimination and maybe the problem sags with time but it still exist.
In this poem, we can find that the writer used a lot of questions and the questions are extreme contrasts like "rotten meat" and "syrupy sweet". I think the writer left a lot of space for reader to think about this question. How do readers think about it? Rotten meat (the passive side) or syrupy sweet (the positive side). And question has a function that it would arouse people more attention toward this topic because if the writer used questions, the readers will start to think about the answers and think about his/her own idea about this topic. If the writer express his/her own idea directly, the readers would just receieve the writer's idea without thinking. And the work would not have more effects.
The final three sentence express that if the problem of racial discrimination would not improve properly, the hatred would explode. And it may causes a lot of damages . Like trees are loaded with too much fruit and trees would bend to snap. I still remember that there is a large violent action that made by African-American in America. And it caused a lot of damages no matter in material side or psychology side. Finally I think racial discrimination is everywhere and people should try to slove it or it will be a tragedy of human society.

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