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Posted by Lisa
Posted on Thu Nov 26 18:05:21 1998
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I believe this is a poem about love. The writer was trying to describe the feelings he had for his
lover. I like the way he conduct his poem. The feeling of a part of the charactor in the poem really made
me enjoy this poem. But what's sad about this poem is that i think it's a break up kind of poem. I think
that the charactor who was telling hte poem was probably going through the period of being dumped
though you can feel the lovve ha had for the girl in the poem, but more to it was the ironic description of
the feeling of being dumped or break up.

In the first stanz, it was describing the place they are going to break up. I think the setting was really a
match to the scene----in a winter day by a pond. in the winter, everything is suppose to be cold and live-
lessness. Therefore, it's a strong foreshadow of the event that's going to happen later in the poem.
The most ironic thing in the first stanz was the second line, where he describe the sun. He said " The sun
was white, as though chidden of God", it was like a great contrast between the feelings he feels inside
and the things that's happening around him. Although he felt gray, but the environment he's in was sunny and
wonderful. But it the last line, the word gray again shows the foreshadow later on.

In the second stanz, he was trying to get into the feeling of breaking up. He feels the way his lover looks
at hem is emotionliss without any special feeling, He could feel the strong wave that's coming to him,
he could also feel the lost of their love, lottle by lottle, gone with the wind. you can easily see in the last line,

The next stanz is my favorite, because you can find lots of descriptions about the way he feels about his
lover. "The smile on your mouth was the deadest thing", this line is so true......when you are in love with this
person, the smole of that person to you will be the most beautiful and wonderful thing in the world, no matter
the person is ugly or pretty. But as your feelings change, the prettiest smile can turn into the deadest thing
just in an instant second.

I personally think that the charactor in this poem, the teller, is in great sorrow, otherwise he wouldn't feel
that his world is gray and dark without any other color or vivid description. I found this poem interesting to read,
and enjoyable too.

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