Subject In a Station of Metro
Posted by Sheena
Posted on Thu Nov 26 18:14:14 1998
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This poem gives me a strong feeling about modern society because metro is the subway in Paris and it is also the symbol of technological world. People todat always have sense of isolation and alienation, they want "fast" and don't like wasting time communicating with others. Why the author used "apparition"? Maybe he wants to tell us people in modern society just like apparition which we can't touch, fell and communicate with even though they disappear in a short time. In his way, everyone will have no impression about others' appearance. When walking on the street, I always see people with no facial expression, atomosphere around them is depressed, upset and unvivid. One day, I saw a mother passing me with a little smile maybe she didn't smile at me but when I saw it, my heart was full of joy! It is a special experience that I felt the warmth in our society.
Petals means our human, sweet and beautiful but easily hurted by steel or iron which creat by ourselves. "Wet, black bough" seems like trains in subway and the shape is black, big and straight. Everyday, people use the subway, it is crowded, hot and humid. They go where they "have to" go, even the situation is uncomfortable, but people behind you will push you. It is like we are pushed by this modern society, the direction is not so clear and not we want to persuit.

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