Subject Go "Mending Wall" together?
Posted by Joyce
Posted on Mon Nov 30 10:18:23 1998
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Written by Joyce ^^~
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Oh! My god! I am writing my third journal! I think that I should start to admire myself!To tell the truth, this time
is not easy for me.L These five poems are what we called imagist ones. In the beginning, I have checked
all the vocabulary of these poems, but I still can't understand most of them! I am sure that I will need to pay
lots of attention in classˇK

After I have read all of these five poems, I decided to choose this "Mending Wall". What had show out in
my mind first is the lyric of one song, it's called "Wall", you know it's from Pink Floyd.

When I was reading this poem, I got a great joy from reading it. At the first time I read it, I saw an interesting
scene. The speaker talked about the wall between his house and his neighbor, who always insisted that
"good fences make good neighbors." The fences are the "wall" between the speaker and the neighbor.
In springtime, the frosts will broke the fences because the temperature rises, the frosts will swell and pull
out the upper boulder. That's why they need to fix them. Take a look at the first line, it said that
"something" there is that doesn't love a wall. Who is "something"? I think that "something" is the
"great nature". The wall is something "unnatural" that is made by human so the nature "tried" to destroy
it, the wall. Then, the speaker said that "the spring the mischief of me." Did the speaker really think so?
Actually, he doubted, he wondered this sentence. There was one thing which really made me laugh
loudly because the speaker said that "why do they make good neighbors? Isn't it where there are COWS?
But here there are NO cows." Not only here that the speaker showed his excellent and perfect "ironic"
comments to his "lovely" neighbor.

As what we have learned from reading short stories, this neighbor was one important character in this
poem. When he mended the wall with the speaker, we can see that the speaker was quite easy and
happy because that he described their hard work (wear their fingers rough) as an outdoor "game". I can
almost image a scene that the speaker tried to make the atmosphere became easier. For example, he
said that they used "spells" to keep the boulders balanced and he warmed them that "stay where you are
until our backs are turned". Then, he said that he was an apple tree and the neighbor was pine. He will
never across the wall and eat the cones under his pines. From this metaphor, the speaker tried to express
that he believed the wall was unnecessary! But see what the neighbor said -- good fences make good

When the first line was repeated, it began another part of this long poem. I guess that it maybe has
passed another year, so the fences were broken again. The speaker told (or "sarcasm") to his neighbor
that it might was caused by "elves". Although he knew that there were no "elves" existed in the world,
he still hoped his neighbor could accept his words. The speaker described that the neighbor was like
an "old-stone savage" who grasped firmly stones in his hands. Well, I feel that he was pity. He refused
to take off the wall, the boundaries that made me comfortable. He ignored and refused to understand
what his father's saying, what the great nature was telling for so many years...

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