Subject Anecdote of the Jar
Posted by Anissa
Posted on Mon Dec 7 18:15:07 1998
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From the beginning, the speaker said, "I placed a jar in Tennessee." What do you think about the speaker mood? If you were the jar and you were placed in Tennessee. What do you think? However, when you read going on or read the poem for a several time, you may think that "I" can be the other person except the speaker.
Moreover, while I was reading this poem, I thought that the first sentence, " I placed a jar in Tennessee" and the last sentence, "Like nothing else in Tennessee," they have a relationship. According to these sentence, I also think that the jar likes the nobles or the King and the people is not easy to touch the jar. Also, on line five, the speaker said," The wilderness rose up to it." I think the wilderness likes the King at this moment. When I was keep reading on the next sentence, "And sparawled around, no longer wild," I thought this sentence had a relative with the former.
On the other hand, I also think that the jar whichcan look at the whole city under the Tennessee. It is because the jar placed in the wilderness. In addition, I think that the jar can faces to the nature, which likes the art. Besides,the jar make a great contrast with the nature.
In the end, I think this poem which want to talk about an idea of the nature with the art. However, when I read more detail from the paper. The technique is talking about the symbolism and the surrealism. So, I think that is a problem with me because I do not understand the meaningful.

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