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Posted by Anissa
Posted on Mon Dec 7 18:41:42 1998
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Before you are talking about this poem, I has written the journal. Because of this I also sent the journal for you.
If you pay more attention, you can see the last line the same as the first. Why did the speaker write the last line the same as the first? In my opinion, I think that has a different kind of meaning and function. What are you thinking about?
From my point of view, the speaker write the last line the same as the first because the speaker want to reverse at firat, and then inform the reader of a main idea. Besides, the speaker want to point out the title or the speaker want to the reader empathic into the title.
On the other hand, the speaker said,'the dancers go round, they go round and round.' I think that is emphasis on the feeling of the people. The people maybe very happy as the carnival. If you read on, the speaker write more about the environment is cheerful. For example, 'the blare and the tweedle of bagpipes, a bugle and fiddles tipping their bellies.'
Also, the poem at the beginning of each line of the customary capital contributes. I think that the speaker is thinking about something. Anyways, I think that has a meaning but I cannot really understand.
In addition, I think that the reader account for the society, in 1944. That means the people never thinking about the society. It seem to be in 1520 to1569. The people played so happy but they never thinking about the society problems. Maybe the people wanted to protect themselves. By the way, if you look at the picture below, you can see the woman and a children. I think that maybe account for the society is not fare.It is because the woman and a childen are smaller than the other person.
In the end, I think this poem is not easy. It is because the speaker uses a background that is a carnival. So,it lead me to think more problems, except the happy feeling.

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