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Posted by Nicole
Posted on Wed Nov 4 17:11:54 1998
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This is the first time that I expose to poems written in English. I think it is hard for me to understand the deep meaning of a poem or to appreciate its beauty when I first expose them. But I think I can improve my sensitivity in poems like last five weeks for short stories.
In the poem "Those Winter Sundays", I saw something regretful and sad. I think the speaker was a man and recalled some incident happened when he was a child. When he was a child, his father always got up early and warmed up the room to avoid his boy being cold when he got up. Although the father's hands were cracked and ached, he always he also did it as usual without exception. But through the boy's eyes, his father was a cool and frosty man. He didn't realize how benevolent his father was. He was distant and indifferent with his father. He never thought that what he father did was the way he expressed his love to him but took it for granted. And at last, when the boy grew up to be a man, he eventually realized how his father loved him. The man who had driven out the cold and polished his good shoes was the person who loved him most.
I think the father loved his boy very much. He worked so hard that he cracked his hand. He wanted to give his boy basic necessities of life, so he worked hard. Also, he warmed up the house before his boy waked up, he polished his son's shoes both showed his love to his son. But the son seemed not be grateful for what his father did for him. He didn't think that his father loved him, so he was always speaking indifferently to his father. The last two lines were "What did I know, what did I know?" Here was the speaker's regret for not knowing his father's love before. I think the last two lines were the time when the boy grew up. At that time, his father had passed away, and it was rather late in the day for him to reciprocate his father's affection.
I think people always realize someone's or something's merit after lose them. Children always can't understand how great our parents are. We usually view their concern or regard as jawing. We take what they do for us for granted and never express our appreciation. And someday, they will pass away, and we will suddenly realize how regretful that we didn't say "thank you" to them and we always spoke to them impatiently and indifferently. We should never make this kind of regret happen. I think the father in this poem must have been very despond and sad. Don't make our parents so disappointed and don't make ourselves feel regretful in our lives. We should always express our affection and appreciation to our parents and be obedient children.
The above-mentioned are my explanation of this poem. I hope that I grasped the important ideas in this poem.

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