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Posted on Mon Dec 7 20:49:25 1998
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Musee des Beaux Arts
This is another poem about the art.Maybe we can take a look at the picture.
There is a plowman who is working with his cattle.He is atanding higher than a shepherd .And the shepherd is looking at something far away ,maybe the sky we do not know.
The place lower than these people is the ocean.There are some ships on the ocean,and there is a more claer one at the right corner of the picture.The sky is blue and there are some white clouds in the sky.When we see the picture , we will think that it is just a picture which decribes the country life .And we will feel calm and peaceful.But it is a little strange . There is a person who is in the ocean,but it seems that no one knows it ,and on one feels worried about the person whi is in the ocean.
The sentences:"About suffering they were never wrong
The Old Masters:how well they understood
Its human position ;how it takes place
While someone else is eating or opening a window or just walking dully along;"
Here the poem tells us that suffering is always exitting whereever we are and whatever we ar doing .
"How , when the aged are reverently , passionately waiting
For the mirculous birth,"
Here is another suffering which is about the death.The aged are so old and almost near the death.They change the suffering of the death into the hope.They are waiting for the new birth .And they can continue themselves in another ways.
Stanza one is a description about the ordinary life,dogs going on with their doggy life, people walking dully alone ,and so on.Stanza two is about art:a painting is being described , but unike the elements of stanza,everything we aee is there for a specific purpose,designed to show the central idea of the work of art,human suffering.Using suffering as an example , he presents the ordinary view first,then the artisit's view.I think that it is ironic when we think of how expensive and delicate human life it really is because there is a suffering happening but no one wants to notice it,and even forgets it.There is a person who is falling in the ocean.The plowman is still working,and also the shepherd is working.And the ship which is passing by the poor personis still getting to and sailed calmly on the place it wants to.No one wants to help the poor person who is in the ocean,even though they may be hear the cry and the splash.I think this what the poet wants to tell us.There are two difference attitudes and two difference ideas about the suffering and the attitude adout the suffering.The suffering is always exitting,but people choose to forget it....

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